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Do you like being fit?
  • Train at home. Just follow the instructions from your own virtual personl trainer to get fit at home.
  • Keep track of your progress. Record all your sports activities with all the relevant data such as, the number of series, the number of reps or the weight that you are able to lift at every single exercise.
  • Customise your experience. Create your own training sessions and listen to your favourite songs while you train.
Gymzilla gets gold! Discover the 1.1 release at our blog or download it right now.

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Gymzilla is perfect for both training at home and recording the sports activities performed outdoor.

With the GymXML format you can nearly all kinds of fitness sessions, making the fitness training sessions more fun and rewarding than ever!

Caution Contact your doctor before started any sports activity.
Copyleft 2012. Martin model created with MakeHuman. Download for free the latest release for Gymzilla from our download page. For any feedback, suggestion or question, do not hesitate to contact us at . Updated 25-sep-2012. Made in Linux United States flag Spain flag

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