Have you created a web page, an application, a game, a paper, a video or any other project using Linux and free software tools? Why don't you let anybody know?

Made in Linux offers you a quick and easy way of creating a web page specifying the operating system and the tools used to create your projects. It's as easy as counting 1, 2, 3!

  1. Write the name for your project

Just write the name of your project.

  2. Select the tools used in your project

For each tool, you will see a brief description, an icono and a link to the home page for the tool. There are also other options that let you customise the layout.

  3. Insert the link in your project

You can insert the custom link in your project and, when users click on it, they will see the web page that you have just defined. And if the final result is not exactly as you wish, you can download it and use it to cream the web page that you prefer.

Click here to start creating the Made in Linux web page for your project.
Do you want to help Made in Linux? If have any comment, suggestion, translation or your just want us to include more Linux distros or tools in the options available, send us an email to .